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C h a n g e T h e W o r l d

Because we're tired of waiting for it to turn.

its a ginbean
14 October
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& have the Basics
Name: "Aki" (This is, of course, an alias.)
Age: Legally entitled to porn.
Gender: This is a mystery.
Location: North-ish~
Hobbies: Being frustratingly vague enough to annoy.

& here’s a little More
I am a second year college student with my life currently at a crossroads. Hopefully in the future this will change. An amateur artist at best, my talents lay in the skill of the word and pen. To simplify it, I am an aspiring writer. My strengths are as follows: my characters, my intricate plots and my attraction to unique storylines.

My weakness is in my coherency of writing and my lack of drive to actually finish a damn story. Sometimes I also create too many side stories to keep track of.

I am also training in psychology. Poke me at your own discretion.
& just a few Final Words
I'm an otaku. I'm also Asian and therefore part of the 1/3 of the world's population that will get you if you mock the wok. I am below average height and dislike it. I am a cosplayer.

I ship countries with each other and am fascinated by video games. I call my bed my burrito.
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